About US

BKA Law is an independent and boutique law firm, located in İstanbul, Turkey. We provide our local and international clients with legal consultancy and litigation services in a wide range of legal fields. Our team consists of dynamic and dedicated attorneys and consultants equipped with the knowledge of both local and international law, who are specialized in their respective fields. Through our international business partners, we are able to meet our clients ever-changing needs in their international operations as well as their domestic activities in both Turkish and English languages.

As BKA Law, we aim to be a trusted advisor of our clients as we dedicate ourselves to provide outstanding service and desired results. In this regard, our main objective is to implement rapid, accurate, up to date, reliable and protective solutions tailored for the needs of our clients in their respective transactions or existing or possible disputes. Keeping our client’s interest paramount, our experienced and specialized team’s top priority is to create innovative and effective legal means to fulfill the expectations of our clients and keeping their interest paramount. As a perquisite of this priority, our purpose is to provide and introduce preventative, clear, and applicable legal solutions, approach and services for our clients’ needs and disputes. Therefore, we are committed to provide high-quality, detail-oriented and business-minded services.

Law is a dynamic discipline, which harmonizes tradition, innovation, and necessities. Reflecting this understanding, attorneys in our team combines experience and dynamism.